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Fence 3D directions

Welcome to Fence 3D!! This program allows you to upload a picture of a house/property and place a fence right on top of the picture. You can rotate the fence and make it larger or smaller depending on how your picture looks. Watch this short tutorial to learn more! Link to video tutorial.

Basic instructions:

1. Either use the sample picture provided or upload your own picture by selecting the ‘Upload Photo’ button.

a. If you see a ‘View Uploads’ button, you can select this to access recently uploaded pictures.

2. Select your fence style by choosing the ‘Select Style’ button and then click Close.

3. Choose the ‘Draw Layout’ button and draw your fence as from an overhead view and click Return.

a. Each stretch needs a beginning and an ending click.

b. Right click to drag posts around. (In mobile mode, change drop down from draw fence to move post.)

c. The ‘Change Handle’ option moves the anchor point of the fence for orientation purposes.

d. If you need to draw two separate stretches, the lower right hand corner always shows the distance from the last post you drew so you know how far away the next post will be.

4. Using the anchor point and the three slide bars, adjust the fence to how you would like it to look.

5. Once the fence is placed correctly, click ‘Capture Image’ to take a snapshot of your overlay. If you want to capture various options of fence styles, click ‘Select Style’, change your fence style, and click ‘Capture Image’ again.

6. Editing your image is only necessary if you have objects that need to be shown in front of the fence. Editing allows you to erase that part of the fence so those objects are shown in the forefront of the picture. Click on the picture on the right with the icon of a pencil to edit.

a. Using the wheel in the center of your mouse, you can make your editing tool larger or smaller.

b. If you find you need to undo an edit, hold right-click on the mouse to draw the fence back in.

c. Edits completed on one image will show up on all of your current images.

Final step is viewing and downloading your image or images. Selecting the ‘View|Download’ button will open a window where you can choose to View or Download your edited image. The multi-image option will create a compilation of all of your current images. View opens your image in a new tab. Here you can choose the download option to save the photo to a place on your computer, copy the URL Link that gets created to send to others, or to share on Social Media.

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